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Manager Baffled That Reality Does Not Conform to Expectations

Monday, Mar 30, 2020
Phil Void Phil Void

There was confusion at top analytics/cosmetics startup Just Made Up today when it was discovered that reality did not necessarily conform to the expectations of management.

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

The previous prevailing theory had been that the fundamental structure of the universe would always rearrange itself to suit what was going on in every manager’s brain at any given moment, but in today’s sensational news, it was found that that might not always be the case.

“It was a huge shock to the system when I saw evidence that every electron in the galaxy wasn’t being kept perfectly aligned with my assumptions and preferences”, said top manager man Bruce Digo.

The team at Just Made Up are now looking at building a new realtime-distortion-base to replace their database and keep reality in sync with their expectations at all times.