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Worker’s Deep Focus State Wiped Out by Helpful “Focus Time” Reminder

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020
Phil Void Phil Void

In the latest battle on the global War on Attention, one worker’s deep focus state has been obliterated by a well timed attack from a “Focus Time” calendar reminder.

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

The new anti-attention weapon has acquired the nick-name “Focus Time”. It works by secretly adding a payload to the target’s calendar, which it uses to break into their notification system. From there it is able to launch surprise attacks on the target’s focus and attention at any given moment.

The UMAD (Unexpected Mass Attention Destruction) weapon system was invented recently, but has been quickly adopted by many management teams as they explore the new tactical space of pretending to care about productivity whilst actually destroying it in order to re-assert their dominance and protect their egos from the threat of anyone actually getting anything done.