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New “Sticking-Plaster-as-Service” Product Will Solve Your Team’s Problems

Monday, Feb 10, 2020
Phil Void Phil Void

There was widespread excitement in the tech industry today with the launch of the latest Sticking-Plaster-As-Service product that will apply trivial surface fixes to fundamental problems that your team is trying to cope with.

Photo from Pixabay

The new StableDoor.io service promises to close stable doors at some point long after the horse has bolted. Profound structural problems and deeply broken processes will be fixed with its innovative CRUD UI and some Slack notifications.

“It’s long been known that trust, autonomy and mutual respect are essential for teams to work together effectively,” said StableDoor.io‘s CTO, “We want to disrupt that and replace it with some text fields and checkboxes that are easy for managers to understand, while letting them sweep the real problems under the carpet.”

The company has pivoted from its previous work in making up complicated and spurious rules for board game manuals, and is confident that applying the same thinking to workplace management will bring big benefits to the industry.