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New Acronym Will TNT Your DNA and BCC Your STD

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020
Phil Void Phil Void

A new AAA-grade acronym is set to TNT your DNA and BCC your STD. Like an ICBM from the CEO going B2B to the CIA, this high-ABV terminology will make your problems GTFO and stay AWOL 24/7.

Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

It won’t be BAU anymore when the IRS and HMRC asses your YTD ROE, but TBH, it was always 80/20 AFAIK.

BTW, the CTO has found a NSFW PPT in the CRM system’s FTP and wants a KISS solution ASAP as it’s pretty WTF and will have a negative YoY impact on our SEO.

IMO this is a KPI for our IPO, just FYI, so we don’t want another GIGO situation here. LMK if you’re OOO till EOD but it’s in your OKRs so you’d beter hop on the VPN while you’re WFH to fix up an HTTP API and fulfill our DoD while it’s still TBC.

Our ERP is a FIFO system the size of an ATAT that can barely handle ASCII and we want it to power our POS implementations in Q3. The ROE will be like a percentage of GDP so let me know your ASL and I’ll show you a UX that’ll give you PTSD, although YMMV.